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Changing the Colour of the Outlook theme

Outlook is the most enhanced platform that provides enhanced applications for its users. Yes outlook is famous for mail services but with its enhanced mail services it also provides updates applications that is sure to provide an enhanced experience to its users online. When users enjoy such an advance version over their outlook platform they feel privilege and never wish to switch to any other platform for their needs. To provide just with the best to its users hotmail provides a way to enjoy latest updates for its users. outlook is enhanced, useful and user friendly still if in case user face any issue using their outlook platform they may obtain easy  help from  Just call our  0800-098-8424 Hotmail phone Number


Yes outlook is termed to be the most enhanced platform available on internet. It meets the expectation of its users and provides best and the most updated version online. This makes it remain to be a leader in existing competition among leading mail network. Even though it is enhanced but it is easy to use. It also provides customized use for each of its users online and allows them to choose and make setting as per their use and requirements.

Prior outlook was only available with one theme that was set as a default theme but now it is not the case by rightly accepting the feedback of its user’s outlook themes now comes in different colour looks. A user may choose to view the theme which he likes. The old white theme of outlook has now been replaced. Even though there is still a default theme for all the users who do not necessarily change this themes but if needed user may change theme to several colours. Outlook themes have been resigned to be view in natural Light Grey and Dark Grey that surely adds more contrast to its looks and appearance making it more attractive.

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Then there also comes a perfect combination of theme and the background which a user may choose to select when they are using their outlook platform. For example a user may choose a white theme with blur background so that everything appears to be clear and meaningful. All these have been enabled by outlook so that user does never get bore using their outlook platform. With outlook now users have about 14 background and themes choice that are easy to choose and apply with this user can also can change the decoration in the top right corner

With this it is sure that user will enjoy personalized and customized approach over their outlook platform. Like its other services this service of outlook is also user friendly still if in any case users face any issue Contact Hotmail Helpline Number 0800-098-8424.

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Contact Hotmail support number – Easy help to all hotmail issues

Hotmail is an interesting mailing platform but only when it is problem free. Hotmail provides so many helpful mail services. What makes it receive identification is that it works only on its mailing services and thus it is the only platform that provides enhanced mailing services and no other services linked to it. When user needs a mail platform that is both secured and helpful they trust Hotmail over other mailing platform. Hotmail has an extra layer of security when it comes to maintaining privacy of its users. This makes it a preferable choice when official mail needs are a big concern. Hotmail is widely used in big and famous organizations for easy and enhanced mail exchange. Hotmail is the most customer oriented platform it takes care of its users and provides service Hotmail contact number UK Toll Free 08000988424.


Hotmail is thus a useful platform that is been preferred by various users but there are sometimes some issues associated with Hotmail which creates big problem for users using Hotmail in such cases user require easy help that can help them to solve the issues immediately so that they can get back to their work as soon as possible. In such cases we with our Hotmail help contact number provide true help to all types of Hotmail issues.

Some of the Hotmail issues that users face while using their Hotmail account can be:

  1. Password issues in Hotmail – Password is integral to get into Hotmail account. Only with a password a user may get into their Hotmail account and in case user face any issue associated with Hotmail password they look for easy help. In case you face any issue of forgotten Hotmail password or you need easy help for changing Hotmail password or recovering forgotten Hotmail password you may obtain easy help then.
  2. Mail registration issues – To use the services of Hotmail you need to sign up for it. It is easy to sign in but in case users face any issue easy help is available at our Hotmail helpline customer service number.
  3. Issues sending, receiving mails – The main purpose of Hotmail is sending and receiving mails but if mail exchange is interrupted this can be irritating in such situation a user may obtain easy help from us.
  4. Hotmail account being blocked or hacked – The major issues Hotmail user face with their Hotmail account is that often there account is being hacked online or blocked by the Hotmail itself. This happens due to suspicious activities over your account and a user can get back using their account without any hack or block but if easy help is required it is available.
  5. Any other Hotmail issue – Even if user face any other issue while using their Hotmail account easy help may be obtained from our Hotmail support number. This may include anything associated with the Hotmail account settings, Hotmail configurations issues, problems in integrating two Hotmail accounts or other mailing platform, connecting to social networking platform via Hotmail Support Number UK.

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